Tribal programs

Tribal children in the age group of 06-14, who have dropped out of school earlier and studied in our child labor school or in residential schools,mainstreamed in formal schools or newly migrated from some other hamlet  are our target children. These tribal children are given necessary efficient academic enrichment coaching by trained instructors, who assist them in successfully completing the grade ten board exams and pursue higher education. 

Computer-Aided Learning has been introduced in after school centers. We also organize career guidance, counseling programs for the children

Meals program

The tribal children go to school regularly today. They show more interest in education. But their parents poor conditions, these children are not even getting one meal in their homes. In school days, They get mid-day meal. Because of hungriness, some of these children go for hunting rats or go for fishing and whatever they get, they put in fire and eat.

CHHASE felt the necessity of providing break fast and dinner for these children

Dress, writing material Etc,  
This initiative helps tackle the problem of retention and achievement at a nascent stage. Since, most of the parents are illiterate and unable to help their children. This provision gives the children confidence, hygeine and  to overcome inferiority complex.