Food groceries to elderly women

Elderly destitute women, who are poor and live alone or with dependent children find them vulnerable, powerless and are neglected by their family or grown up children. Many are physically weak and unable to find work. They are compelled to beg in starving conditions, and many are homeless. 

In view of the pathetic condition of destitute women, CHHASE implements program of sponsoring elderly women on an urgent basis. CHHASE staff conducted survey and identified 142 destitute women who are above 65 year of age. These elderly women are widows or have been abandoned by their husbands. Some have children, but the children live apart and do not take care of their mothers. They do not have money for food, medical care and other basic necessities.
CHHASE is supporting 30 such old women by providing food rations and other necessities every month at their door step.

Support less privileged Elders

They suffered all their lives, brought up children, and later took care of grandchildren. Now, at final stage of their life, they are helpless and lack even food and shelter, which they deserve. This less privileged elders need food, care and love from their own family members, which they are denied.

You can sponsor a destitute elderly woman by donating just Rs. 1000 every month, and enable her to live with dignity. This donation goes for buying groceries to one elder for one month. If you wish, you can donate one year expenses for one elderly women.

We will provide all the necessary details, photo’s and annual reports etc.